The Identity Theft Assistance Corporation is a nonprofit dedicated to working with industry, law enforcement and government to help consumers prevent, detect and recover from identity theft. Founded in 2004, our mission was to put consumers and their experiences first in the fight against identity fraud.

Our consumer-centric approach began with creating an assistance center to deliver personal one-on-one help to identity theft victims. Between 2004 and 2014, more than 150,000 consumers used our free service, ITAC Victim Assistance, which set the standard for victim recovery services.

We have a proud history of innovation in furthering our consumer-centric mission. Created and funded by a group of large financial services companies who believed that fighting identity fraud was an opportunity for cooperation and not competition, we were the first industry-owned “utility” focused on identity theft. We were also the first consortium to share identity fraud information directly with law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission.

Consumer education has always been a key element of our mission. Over the years, thousands of consumers have benefited from our online materials and community outreach.

Having achieved our mission, we are transitioning from operations to funding the next generation of leaders in identity theft prevention, detection and recovery.